Basic slot filling

This feature helps you easily get needed information from users. One way to get information is to ask the user little by little. The second way is that the user can type the information at once. All you need to do is have information in the entity and you can solve both situations easily.

Example 1: Directly to interaction Big trees

conversation direct

Example 2: Ask for information about size

conversation with question

Slot filling with one parameter

  1. Create an entity with information


  2. Create intent linked to the entity


  3. Prepare interactions: create interactions for small/middle/big tree offers

    prepare interactions

  4. Add intent to interactions

    add intent

  5. Add entity to interactions

    add entity

  6. Set value of entity (depends on the size of trees in interaction)

    value of entity

  7. Create interaction which do not get the size of a tree. small/middle/big tree offers

    general interaction

  8. Add intent and entity to interaction

    add intent and entity

  9. Set value of entity to optional

    optional entity

  10. Add also handlers for responses.

    handlers for entity

Diagram of result

handlers for entity

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