Asking open questions

Open questions makes a conversation more natural and pleasant. There are few tips, how to make it right:

  • keep the number of possible responses low
  • mind, that intens should have unique message samples - it means you'll have to reuse your intents (like "positive" response)

How the open question look like?

the question

So the user can answer simply:

the response

How to achieve this pattern?

  1. Start with a question without quick replies

    • make an open question, which forces user to respond very simply

    simple open question

  2. Add an intent handler with "handle text intent" and specify an intent

    • each intent should have a self descriptive name - first specify the name

    create the intent

  3. Add some response samples as a training data

    • each response sample should be unique among the all training data
    • when there's already an intent mathing your use case, re-use it!

    specify samples

  4. Create a bot's response

    • the effect will be better, when the response confirms the bot uderstands

    specify samples

  5. Specify another responses

    • you can use "phrases matching" instead of intents - just put a hashtag as a prefix of the intent: #red

    another responses

  6. OPTIONAL: you can specify a default response - the response fallback

    • when there's no matching response, this local fallback will be sent

    another responses

  7. OPTIONAL: specify more than one intent

    • when you'd like to detect more than one intent at once, you can add them!
    • toggle the switch from ? to tags icon
    • insert all intent names you'd like to use
    • you can specify the training data in the "Intents" section

    multiple intents

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