Putting a breadcrumb

What is it for?

Breadcrumb is a snippet that allows you to send user back to a certain point in conversation that he must not start the chatbot flow from the beginning.

This is suitable technique for example in the situation when user is in the middle of the conversation, forgets about the chatbot and you remind yourself with a notification. If you use breadcrumbs snippet, user could start again on the very same point where he left off the conversation. Haha

How to insert a breadcrumb

Putting a breadcrumb is fairly easy:

  1. In the specific interaction, choose from the drop-up menu "Snippet"

Choosing the right snippet

  1. From the drop-down menu choose "Put a breadcrumb"

Choosing the right snippet

  1. Push the button "Use"

  2. Now your breadcrumb is ready to use. Last thing you need to do is to drag the snippet and move it to the very top of the interaction

Snippet is ready to use

Insert breadcrumbs to all interactions that could be useful.

Going to the last breadcrumb

We continue with creating an interaction that will send user to the last breadcrumb. That means on the last interaction user visited.

Process is similar to the one with inserting breadcrumbs. You only choose "Go to last breadcrumb".

Go to the last breadcrumb snippet

With this snippet, interaction will look like this:

Go to the last breadcrumb snippet

Now let's see what breadcrumbs do.

Look at this conversation:

How breadcrumbs work

Step one has a breadcrumb, but Step 1.1 hasn't. If we proceed in the conversation further to Step 2 and push button Back (which is sending user to the last breadcrumb), this button send us back to the last breadcrumb, which is in Step 1.

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