Designing a character

Defining bot character has two important parts:

  • 1. Personality definition - the character bible

    Bot personality is a guide, how to write interactions - for everyone who gets involved.

    When writing an interaction, always ask yourself: "what whould bot say"

    This guide can contain for example:

    • where your bot have studied, where "works"
    • where the bot lives, what is the bot's hobby
    • what kind he or she is
    • what are the tragic flaws of bot
    • is bot friendly and how easily can get upset

  • 2. Bots visual style

    Visual style is very important part of character. It includes:

    • profile and cover image
    • images and videos sent during conversation
    • visual style of bot's menu
    • visual style of bot's templates (Carousels, Lists, etc.)

    bot visual

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