Building a simple conversation

Starting Interaction and fallback

Everything starts in Root block.

  1. Respond to "get started" button

    This is one of "hard coded" interactions. Action name is generated from Interaction name - so it's important to not change names of theese interactions

    • create an interaction and name it "Start"
    • create a Message Response with text "Welcome there"
  2. Response to unexpected user behavior - Fallback (*)

    At the end of Root block, there should be an interaction with Asterisk - *. This will intercept all user actions, which are not matched by previous interactions.

    It's good to make few response message alternatives, which are randomly picked.

    • Create an interaction named "Fallback".
    • Enable the Asterisk * button beside the interaction name.
    • To make "randomized" response, add "Message" Reaction and under the drop-down arrow beside message text, press "Add random text".

    simple conversation

Be able to react to text messages

When user writes "hello", respond with "Hi!"

  1. Create new interaction, and move it above all Fallback (*) interactions
  2. Name the interaction - it's good for other collaborators and for analytics
  3. Press the "keyboard button" beside the Interaction name and write down example User messages - Intents

    Examples are case insensitive, no interpunction needed, only words are important. The more examples you make, the better recognition will be.

  4. Make a Message Response

    hello response example

Lead the conversation with quick replies

Let's make an Interaction, which explains bots origin.

  1. Create the quick reply

    • Find the starting interaction.
    • At the most bottom text Response click the "add quick reply suggestion" button.
    • Set the text of quick reply.
    • Write down the action name and click on "New interaction: Where are you from".

    how to make a quick reply

    • The new interaction will be created at the end of "Root Block".
  2. Set up the newly created interaction

    • Move it above all Fallback (*) interactions.
    • Make a Message Response
  3. Make your new Interaction accessible also with text message

    • Press the "keyboard button" beside the Interaction name and write down example User messages - Intents

    how to make a quick reply

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