Rules and terms

Rules and tips

  • Set low expectations

    And be ready to deliver more then expected.

  • Don't pretend to be a human

    It's better, when bot acts like bot - not pretends to be a human.

  • Always lead the dialog

    There always should be "call to action" in your interaction. Never let user to think long about what to ask bot. You can use quick replies as hints.

  • Keep conversation logic simple

    Simple things works. Not the AI or developers makes your bot smart.

  • Use your visual style

    User experience will be much better when using media templates.

  • Time is your friend

    You can always wait with your answer.


  • Chat Event - everything what user does

    • text message
    • menu click
    • handover
    • sent media (image, location, video, ...)
    • button click
    • quick reply click
  • Reaction - everything, what bot says

    • text message
    • handover
    • sent media (image, location, video, ...)
    • sent templates (carousel, lists, ...)
  • Interaction - reaction to Chat Event

    Each interaction has theese settings:

    • name - helps identifying interaction in analytics and it's referencing
    • fallback toggle - when enabled, all events will pass in
    • AI samples - user message samples, which triggers the Interaction
    • contains a set of Reactions
  • Quick Reply - suggested response text

    Quick replies allows user to reply without typing. Quick replies leads the coversation.

  • Intent - the action recognised by AI

    When user writes a text message, AI tries to recognise, what intent user has.

  • AI - the machine learning

    Tool, which recognises users intent from text. AI learns from AI samples

  • Conversation Trees - organised group of Interactions

    Interactions are evaulated in order, they appear in Conversation tree. Conversation trees can be embedded in other conversation trees.

    Beware of "circular reverences"

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