Building audience

Chatbot is a strong marketing tool. It helps to create ad, users are impressed. The users, who talked witch chatbot, are in audiences. The users can be easily reangaged by notifications or exported for Facebook ads (if the chatbot was used on facebook).

Audience All users

This basic audience is made automaticaly. You can use it all the time.

Examples of uses:

  • notification about news - new goods, new campaign, new competition
  • export the audience for facebook add - for different campaign, which is not in chatbot

Creating specific audiences

You sometimes want to target ad to specific group of people. In our example we want to tag users, who are coffee drinkers with their specific taste of coffee.

Find the interaction where you are sure about user attribute.

  • add subscription form menu at the interaction
  • type the name of tag and create it in dropdown

bot visual

Examples of uses:

  • Bot visitor
  • Users, who achieved milestone of the conversation - registration, aprove of notifications, finish od the bot
  • Users, who don't want any notification
  • Users, who would be notify about result
  • Users, who used specific dealogue of chatbot. Conversation thee of custommer care chatbots has lot of dialogues. This can help to anylyse, what is the most used part of chatbot.
  • Users, who are not adult

Unsubscribe of audience

Sometimes users change mind and you deside to unsubscribe them from audinece.

  • add subscription form menu at the interaction
  • choose "unsubscribe" and select the name of tag

Examples of uses:

  • Users, who didn't want any notification and they want notifications again

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