Advanced conversation tree

Let's have this conversation tree. The purpose is simple - choose the right coffee. Here is a diagram.

conversation example

  1. Add a new Conversation tree

    • click on "add button" on bot page and name the tree "Choose Coffee"

    create new tree

    • then continue with "Edit" button
  2. Create the starting Interaction

    • in the tree, there will be already first "entry point" - let's start here
    • add the Message box with two quick replies
    • connect "Yes" reply to a new Interaction "With milk"
    • connect "No" reply to new Interaction "Without milk"

    first interaction

  3. Make the "With milk" Interaction

    • create the Message box with two quick replies
    • each new quick reply will need own new Interaction - "Frothed milk chosen" and "Just milk chosen"

    with milk interaction

  4. Create the "Coffee size" Interaction

    • at the bottom of tree, create a new Interaction and name it "Coffee size"
    • create the Message box with two quick replies
    • each new quick reply will need own new Interaction - "Small coffee" and "Large coffee"

    coffee size

  5. Interconnect previously created Interactions with "Coffee size" Interaction

    • create "Go to" blocks at interactions "Without milk", "Frothed milk chosen" and "Just milk chosen"
    • "Go to" links should lead to "Coffee size" Interaction

    coffee size

  6. Create the exit interaction - "Finished"

    • call it "Finished"
    • put a new Exit Block into the interaction and call it "User leaved"

    exit point

  7. Fill the "Small coffee" and the "Large coffee" interactions

    • insert texts, which will be conditionally shown (three for each card)
    • insert "Is it ok?" call to action with "Ok" quick reply leading to newly created "Finished" Interaction
    • point "Ok" quick reply to "Finished" interaction with previously defined exit point.
    • now, messages will be sent sequientially - it's required to let developer set conditions

    exit point

  8. FOR DEVELOPERS: set responses to state

    • there are three interactions within the state has to be set: "Without milk", "Frothed milk chosen" and "Just milk chosen"
    • put a "snippet" in each of theese interaction
    • decribe a snippet as much as descriptive: "set withMilk to conversation state"
    • fill the snippet with following code
    (req, res, postBack) => {
       res.setState({ withMilk: false, frothedMilk: false });
       return Router.CONTINUE;

    set state

  9. FOR DEVELOPERS: set up conditions for messages

    • each message can be conditionally shown or hidden
    • to enable condition, use carret beside the message box to show a "has condition"
    • use this snippet as condition
    (req, res) => {
       return !req.state.withMilk && !req.state.frothedMilk;

    set state

  10. Create an alternative response "No coffee at all"

    When users are asked, whether they prefer milk or not and responses they do not like coffee.

    • make a new interaction and drag it below the "Choose Coffee entry point" - it's better to keep interactions organised
    • toggle the switch to Responder
    • choose "Choose Coffee entry point" as Reaction to
    • click the "Keyboard" button and write examples of user's message: "do not like coffe", e.t.c.
    • insert a Message interaction and point "ok" answer to "Finished" interaction

    set state

  11. Include the "Choose coffee" conversation tree in the Root Block

    • go to "Root block" at the bot's homepage
    • create a new interaction and move it before "Fallback", when there is one
    • name it "Choose coffee" for example
    • insert an "Include" block into the interaction and choose "Choose coffee" subtree
    • now you can configure exit point "User leaved"
    • for example, send a message and redirect user to "Start"

    set state

  12. Make interaction accessible by AI & from Start

    • now you can make a new Quick reply at start and point it to "Choose coffee" interaction
    • you can also use Keyboard button and create the new intent by filling example texts like "choose me a coffee"

    set state

How it works?

set state

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